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Friday, 6 July 2012

Hexie Day

I've seen many different hexies floating around blog land. Some large some small. Which got me onto the idea of making up a few different sized ones.
I pulled out my triangular scraps which were large enough to give me 2.5" and 3" when cut from the right angle. I also had some 4" squares for larger hexies. I like the fabrics as they're bright. When I get my other ones I'll cut those up to add to these ones and make some more wedges for my pillows.

The orange square is a post-it note. Perfect 3" square!

I also cut a diamond template to make some paper pieced stars.

Then I got to work on sewing up some hexie flowers from the ones I'd  already basted and sewn into rows. Its much easier to pair/trio them before sewing them into flowers.

Hand sewing is so much more relaxing. As much as I love and miss Jano, more hand sewing may be in my near future.

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