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Saturday, 7 July 2012

100 and 1...100 and 2

You may be wondering what on earth I'm on may be thinking wow Cherie can count! (you know who you are =P)

Today instead of sewing I was cutting out templates! I practically grabbed all the scrap paper I could find in my room. (you know the paper that gets printed for no good reason, but you can't stop it from printing!) I'm sure there's actually more in the study.....I'll have a look tomorrow.

I put together a mini tutorial on how I cut my templates I used both A3 and A4 paper

1.Stick a hexie down onto back of paper with some blu tack or a loop of masking tape lining up the edges.

2. Flip paper over and fold right sides together with the hexie attached still matching up the edges to form a band the same height as the hexie.

3.Flip over and fold over to the same width as the band, continue until all possible paper is used. Cut off the extra paper and save for something else. (I used mine to cut diamond templates A3 paper only)

4. Fold the paper square making sure the points of the hexie are within the square

5.Continue to flip and fold to the width of the paper

6. Holding the paper tightly cut around the hexie making sure to keep the sharp points

7. Take off the templates and separate your hexies. I ended up with 12 hexies from an A3 sheet and 6 from a A4 these hexies are 3" across the widest point

I cut templates for 2 sizes of hexies and then some diamonds too using the same method, just line up the flat edge with the paper and fold in the same manner.

Once I acquire some more paper I'll be cutting some more templates ready for the next lot of fabrics. I'll be cutting enough for each fabric in both the sizes I've used. The scraps will go for the diamonds.

Siya'll tomorrow =D


  1. I love to check out your posts, Cherie, because they always make me smile.......and not only I am so glad to know you can count.....LOL......have a wonderful weekend!

  2. This is a very smart idea! I think I will do i next time I want hexigons. So, thank you my friend.

  3. look at all those hexies - what a great idea


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