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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Flower Power!

So after brunch I got to sewing up my smaller hexie flowers until it was time for my driving lesson. I had to learn my first manoeuvre- Reversing round a corner. After 3 attempts I still couldn't get it perfect. One was close, but instead of straightening up I turned the wheel and ended up wide from the pavement! The fact it was raining didn't help much either....then after my lesson the sun came out -_-

When I got back in I continued on the hexie flowers,  ate dinner then finished the last two hexies from the 1" batch these are the MAM hexies...the other sets will be made into pillows perhaps.....

My camera went funny on the last one and kept blurring the picture I took it 4 times..that was the best image.
Next up is basting I have 70 hexies to do over 2 sizes then 36 diamond to baste after that. Since I'll be on my work placement course I'll be getting in after 5, so a couple of spare hours before dinner time to get them done.

Then not too long ago my Father bought me up a present and it's not even my birthday or anything! ...I'll take a picture of it tomorrow when its lighter since it's after 10pm now....

I'll be sure to tell you all about my first day tomorrow and hopefully be able to get some sewing done when I get in...till then

Siya'll tomorrow =D

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  1. The hexies are looking great! There's a One Flower Wednesday group which posts their hexagon flowers each Wednesday. I haven't had any done in quite a while! Some people have several each Wednesday, though! There's a link on my sidebar on desertskyquilts.


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