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Monday, 9 July 2012

Give me Liberty or give me Diamonds!

As I mentioned yesterday Father came into my room with a gift.

The bag was marked 'Liberty scraps' I pulled them out and as I unravelled the fabrics more and more where hidden inside of others =. I had to fold the matching ones up together to get a good picture of them.  Not sure what I'll use them for yet....

So before I set off to my work placement I got this in the mail from Alyce on it's way to her are some cute Winnie the Pooh fabrics.

I got to my placement on time! Which is a big deal as most of the time I'm catching the bus and I always end up late thanks to it! They've even put up the price of bus fair and the service is getting worse! Good thing I could take a leisurely 5 minute walk to my placement. 
It's in a learning center, which oddly enough used to be my old primary school! The classrooms are still pretty much the same. 
I was helping with paper work for the courses, answering the phone and using Microsoft Excel to create invoices and spreadsheets. It wasn't too bad a day and I could nip home for lunch too. The people there are all very friendly, the cleaner woman was making us laugh as she was muttering under her breath about some of the people who attend the classes. 

Upon returning home I started basting my diamonds and hexies. I had a bit of confusion with the diamonds, but a handy picture tutorial set me on the right track and after that they were a breeze.

Gluing them down first really does make things a lot easier! I just have the larger hexies to baste then I can start cutting some more templates for the next set of fabrics. On counting them I only had 21 fabric squares from the smaller sizes! I realised that when I was cutting the charms from the F8 that's how I ended up with 35 larger squares. The smaller squares came from the wedges which weren't cut from every fabric as some pieces were too small. 
I have 58 F8's from the set of fabrics above winging their way to me so they should make up the numbers to give me enough hexies. 

Have more basting to do then finding paper....first up another day on the placement. Oh before I leave could I ask a small favour of you? Today is voting for the Fluffy Sheep-Kona Bundle would you mind terribly popping over and placing a vote for me please and thanks.

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Siya'll tomorrow =D