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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Surprises in the mail!

So before I left out of the house my mail box (I say my as all mail was for me!) was graced with two parcels. I dropped them on my bed and left out for day 2 of my placement.

Today I was doing more photocopying...until the paper ran out and I had to go across the road to get some more! love the convenient shops over the way!  Then was stapling, sorting. I then had to venture to the other site to get a guillotine so I could cut some leaflets. The joys of using fancy equipment to do jobs. I went for my lunch break and had to do some rush eating as the stuff was taking epically long to cook! 
Back to 'work' and I was sorting more papers and folders ready for some summer activity program.  It's nice being out of the house!

Getting in I opened one of the parcels..the other I'll open later in the week. The one I did open is from Ida, we have become good blogging friends. A while back I sent her some fabrics and HST's she had seen on my blog.
I had seen her using some cool fabrics on her blog and so as a surprise she used some to make me this awesome travel sewing notebook. She even filled it with some fabrics and goodies. I'll be swapping my pouches for this on future long car journeys!

After that was a battle with the larger hexies..they were just about smaller than the fabric so it was a pain sewing down the corners. I battled with them adding a few extra stitches, chain stitching 2 at a time for ease, until they were all done. I got them pressed nice and flat with perfect edges then shook them off the lid into a press lock bag.

I love the bright colours! These rainbow hexies will be looking good! Now they are complete I can start cutting out some more go with the ones I mysteriously have spare... Which reminds me I should go and search the study for paper....Mother is in there and can direct me which paper I can have.

Siya'll tomorrow =D