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Wednesday, 11 July 2012



Today felt like a really long day.

The placement was good today I was typing up some things on the computer and sorting out paperwork for courses which wasn't too bad. I even had a fight with the printer...for some reason the blue ink cartridge was leaking, however it would only do so on random sheets of paper I was printing. Resulting in some coming out perfectly unscathed and others with a great blue ink smudge across the page! I was not amused and had to print one page 4 times before it came out OK enough to use! The people I work with are really friendly and even offered to let me sit a course on Friday for food hygiene. I checked though and I already have the qualification which will last me another 2 years. There's also and interview skills course tomorrow they said I could sit in on and pick up some advice and tips. I have to get there a bit earlier, but it should be useful and it can go on my CV.

So I got back home and finished cutting the templates I needed.
Then I opened the parcel I got yesterday from Surly Sheep. Shockingly I noticed I had ordered like 1 orange fabric when I really needed some more! I don't quite know how I managed to bypass them, but I did, so I have 5 I think to use for the project...not cool people not cool!
Yes to all people who know I hate red...I ordered them for the good of colour wheel projects!

I ironed all the fabrics after battling with Father as he was trying to steal a few of them....claiming all the rest were ugly!  Then started cutting wedges. Those smaller triangles in the picture will have squares cut from them for my hexies and diamonds.

You can't not love stacks of cut fabrics! The print on top is the 1 orange print that came...I have 4 others from before...I guess some pillows will have to do without! *sigh* I still have some fabrics coming my way, but they wont be used for this project!

We'll I best be off need to get more sleep than usual...It's funny I used to go to bed around 2ish now I'm going to sleep around 12ish! I miss watching movies at night, but them verses staying do the battle!

Siya'll tomorrow =D


  1. Wo - I have major fabric envy!

  2. You've been busy!! I can't wait to see your pillows they are going to be beautiful. You are so lucky to get fabric sent to you and I really love the lady fabric. Can't wait to see what you do with her. They make a nurse lady I've been thinking about buying to make a lap throw for my nurse daughter:-)


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