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Thursday, 12 July 2012

A case of Cut and Baste!

Day 4 now and it's still all good. Who new hunting down people to sign paperwork could be so fun! It's even funnier when you call out a name and everyone looks at you then turns away with the 'Oh that's not me' expression. We did manage to find most of the people...some hadn't actually turned up for the days course and others had left early before we could catch them!

Back home I got more than I thought I would done on the sewing side of things. I got all the fabric squares cut to make the hexies, as well as charm squares and the selvedges cut off the fabrics I got the other day!
I even managed to make a start on basting diamonds. My scraps are growing thanks to all this cutting, but it's all good I have some projects in mind for them!
I guess I should show you the photographic evidence.
The scraps

2.5" and 3" squares

The leftover pieces minus selvedges sorted by colour 

Older prints minus selvedges (I did not cut them all at once!)

Love those selvedges!!

Basting diamonds! 

Yes I have a variety of scissors...I still find it tricky to hold them properly. My thumb is double jointed so holding scissors is quite painful. The dress making scissors or slightly easier to use, they were helpful with cutting the smaller squares. I did use my rotary cutter for the charms and 4 x 5 pieces. Those black scissors are for paper and thread.

Tomorrow will be a busy day! I have to pop into town before heading to my placement....then get in and eventually make dinner! It'll be interesting...

Siya'll tomorrow =D


  1. well after getting everybody's paperwork signed you came home and did all this cutting! WTG! The cutting is always the most boring part for me. I have been toiling over the rainbow for my Wizard of Oz Wall hanging all day and I had to take a break.....but I am determined to get it done so I can post my hexies......someday???

  2. wow what a busy bee you have been! can't wait to see what you create with your epp ! x


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