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Friday, 13 July 2012

Counting to 10

So my day started off not too bad. I got to town earlier than planned and was able to buy some new shoes for £2.50! as the insoles on the ones I've been wearing for literally just this week, decided to unpeel! It's rather odd and my other shoes from the same shop are still in great condition. I've had the shoes for maybe a year now and have only really worn them this week.....why the insoles busted I shall never know....
So I got to my signing on thingy and the woman was rude! I had written some things for the day I had signed 2 weeks back and she told me they didn't count! I thought to myself "How can you tell me that? If I sign on at 10am and get jobs applications from them, which I go home and apply for how can it not be written on my list? Do I have to wait a whole day before I can add them for them to 'count' as you say!" She said if I do that again there may be consequences! FUME!

Anyway I left still keeping my cool and briefly went around town again to pick up a few things I needed before jumping on the bus (That I thought I was going to miss as I often do!) and heading to my placement.
I got to design some leaflets today for an event going down in August (which I forgot to take one home with me.....) I grabbed some Caribbean food from the Cafe on site which is open Wednesdays-Saturdays. The food was gooooood!

Upon getting back home I dumped all the junk from my bag out and took off all the badges ready for it to go in the washing machine (which is long overdue!) The bag I bought from Accessorize some many moons ago, the paint work is my own and the badges have been collected the past two maybe 3 years.....(If you have some you would like to donate drop me a comment =D)

 The bag is now hung in the conservatory and may be dry by the time I need it tomorrow...if not then err I'll have to fish out another bag.....

After some TV watching, catching up on some new episodes of my shows, I went to do some more diamond basting. As well as making dinner. I made some potato wedges which were so nice I went back for seconds....mainly due to the fact even though there were a only few potatoes they made enough wedges to fit 2 large trays worth!

How I love basting....Still have more to go then 2 sets of this blog!

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Siya'll tomorrow

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  1. Sounds like you had another busy day.......sorry about the rude lady you had to deal with.....and gosh.....I started collecting "badges" (we call them "buttons" over here in the USA over 30 years ago and I have a tin box full of them.....I might be able to part with one or two duplicates....I'll check it out......warning....they might be really old!


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