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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Stash sorting!

I got some happy mail this morning! Sent to me by the good people at Pink Castle Fabrics. I was feeling a little too lazy to go through what they had and pick out prints so I opted for the random F8 bundles instead. I asked for a variety of colours as well as some neutrals. I must say I was a wee bit disappointed by the colour range they sent...I got mostly blues and greens and I have a ton of those already!

I still need purples, reds, oranges and the neutral tones. *sigh* If anyone would like to swap some fabrics with me let me know please.

With these fabrics I could finally get around to organising my stash better. I pulled out all of my fabrics and went to the iron. It took a few hours but everything was nicely ironed and folded then put away by colour order.
 Yes I just unfolded them roughly to iron so they kind of got thrown into the tub first..I did neatly fold them afterwards as you can see in pics 3&4...

As you may be able to see blue and green have the largest fabric piles whilst all the others are significantly smaller. The rolls on top are the left overs from the F8 I used for my EPP

I have some I need to take pictures of for swapping. If you are in need of some solids I can swap some quarters out. I'm glad now I can see what prints I have and what colours I need to look for...I must say it's fairly hard to find decent purple/red/yellow/orange prints! Don't get me started on neutral prints! I'll have to do some more in depth searching! Plus find some larger boxes for my stash.....

Siya'll tomorrow! =D


  1. My goodness you have a lot of beautiful fabrics. I love that you ironed your fabric I need to do that:-)

  2. OMG, Cherie! You have a lot of fabric!

  3. Wow, your stash is looking fantastic: I have fabric envy!!

  4. Wow! Look at all that fabric!


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