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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Swap Shops!

I spent most part of today sorting out my fabrics. Pulling out all those that don't quite fit in with my stash. As well as the ones that I know I wont use, plus a few prints that were doubles.

I found these when going through my newly organised fabrics.

Then I pulled out the bag of Liberty scraps and cut those into more usable pieces as some were in odd shapes. (the picture is to show the prints)

If you'd like to swap with me you can check out my Swap Shop- Which has all the info on the fabrics I'm looking for and the conditions of swapping and my Flickr Swap Shop which has the fabrics in the pictures above. I'll be adding more to the Flickr set eventually as I have some solids to swap as well.
My Goodie Bag Swap is still open if you would like some sewing haberdashery.

By the way do any of you use velvet? I have some Father bought, but have no idea what to use it for. I'll cut it to sizable pieces and add it to the swap just encase.

Some other swaps going on
I-Spy Swap
Scrappy Bits Swap
and check out this group for all the latest fabric swaps going on.

Siya'll tomorrow =D

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