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Monday, 16 July 2012

Diamonds are a girls best friend!

Just a quick note to remind you all of my post Yesterday featuring some new fabric additions to my swap pages. I know some of you have been looking for Liberty fabrics. I have some available for swapping as well as some other fabrics.

Today felt really long. 'Work' was slow, now most of the courses have stopped there isn't as much paperwork and such to be dealing with. I did a fair bit of photocopying today mind you. It's funny how quickly the paper runs out and how helpful the machine is at letting you know it's run out. I was talking to a colleague about transport which was rather funny. We had a debate on buses and he wanted to know why I used to take 2 buses to get to college when I could have taken just the one. My answer was...If the one bus turns up late then I would automatically be late by more than I would be late taking the 2 separate buses. Plus the one bus always got stuck in traffic at that time of the morning!
I'm thinking of getting a push bike...only I'll have to learn to ride it first. Sadly I never had a bike as a child and now wish I had asked for one! Bus fair has gone up yet again and the service is at its worst. You almost feel cheated by public transport costs. Why are you paying more for lousy service?

So anyway I left and got home some five or so minutes later...walking quicker as it was raining and super windy. I had a brainwave of what to do for my swap items for the Modernista and the RATZ

For Modernista my partner gave a few suggestions. A scrappy banner, a wall hanging, a fun pincushion, or a hoop with a monogram with her initial.
I'm going with the pincushion and hoop.
Since I've been paper piecing a lot lately I went with that idea so this is it so far

That star will sit at the bottom centred of course. I'll have some rainbow stitching going around the edge and then her a monogram of her initial above the star. The pincushion will also be made of linen and have a smaller star on it.
I'm quite liking using hoops...I'm thinking of getting myself some more and making cute wall hangings from them. I saw this set on eBay which I'm going to buy before they sell out as I've found they can be quite expensive.

I then decided to make a large hexie needle book for the RATZ Swap item. I just need to find a bigger template to fit this into

The larger pieced hexie will go on the front and the smaller one will go on the back. The pages will be gray felt. I have a few idea's of how I want it to look so fingers crossed it works and I have enough felt left....

Siya'll tomorrow =D


  1. Lovely star. I think it will look lovely on the hoop.

  2. love your hoop idea can't wait to see it! x

  3. Looking forward to seeing the finish on these. I like the bright colors you are using. I guess the good part is that you HAVE a bus. I have to drive to get to a bus stop, and then I might as well go the few miles farther. My son works in Charlotte, NC, for the transit authority, and they have a great 10 mile train run, plus good bus times everywhere out to the suburbs. He makes me wish I'd settled there, but I like it here a lot, so I'm not moving now. =)


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