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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

To sew or not to sew?.....

Another day at work and I must say it was a quiet quiet you could hear a pin drop. It's funny how one week is super busy then the next can be super quiet.
I did manage to find some cool templates for the projects I'm working on.
I got this monogram for the fabric hoop

You wouldn't believe how many attempts it took me to get this size! I should have taken a picture of the paper!
I traced it and pinned it to the fabric to embroider. Yes EMBROIDER. Something I have never attempted before until now! I must say after reading some helpful online tutorials it isn't as bad as I thought it would be

The paper was creased like crazy so all those pins are necessary. I've gone round the second loop since the picture was taken. The lines in the first part I've missed will be added in after so it resembles the one in the top picture. It's actually quite addicting once you start!

I also got the outer shell of the needle book made. I fused it up rather than sewing things down as I wanted it to be stiffer. I might sew on a snap to keep it closed...we shall see....

I also pressed the star flat at the centre was raised up. This will go on the hoop too. I'll sew it down with some Perle cotton....just have to decide on a colour....

I'm hoping to finish the monogram off and start getting the star sewn well as adding some pages to the needle book...Fun times!

Siya'll tomorrow =D

P.S. I've added my swap fabrics to this group and this group add a comment if you see something you like. My profile has info on what fabrics I like. My Swap page has all the details on fabric I'm looking for as well as some fabrics that aren't on Flickr =D

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