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Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Work was quiet again.....They should consider hosting some summer activities. Some people have called up to ask, but the centre doesn't do them...I think it's through sponsors and such how it works...strange times.

I'm thinking I should bring some sewing with me....or a good book....
Who would have thought that I Cheraldine would like embroidery...yet alone using an embroidery hoop. I can't wait for my other ones to arrive so I can make some cool wall art with them. Which reminds me..I must get some screws to hang my picture back up!

I got the monogram finished today and even started on the next step. I'm going around the star with Perle cotton on rainbow colours.

I had to take it out of the hoop to remove the paper...tracing paper = >.<

To think I even managed to sew tiny stitches! My stitches have never been that small. Just two colours to go, then I'll stitch round the edge of the hoop also in rainbow colours.

The back of the hoop. I'm thinking of sticking some linen to the back of it....or maybe I'll neaten those edges and leave it as it is. Suggestions please..

I need to add the 'pages' to the needlebook then that'll be done. I threaded some ribbon through some holes I punched out....which I didn't get a picture of, shame on me!
Then I'll dust Jano! off for some sewing as I have a pincushion I'm going to make, to go along with the hoop. I'll make a scrappy block then back it with linen. You know how I love making scrappy blocks!

Siya'll tomorrow =D


  1. oh my gosh, your sewing is so neat! *jealous*

  2. Your "C" is beautiful! Did you stitch right through the paper???
    When I've finished a hoop, I"ve used this tutorial


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