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Thursday, 19 July 2012

One of those days....

You know the day when you really don't feel like doing anything, but you muddle on anyway in hopes the day will improve?

Yeah I had that day. These quiet days aren't suited to me. I like to be busy or doing something that is interesting and absorbs some time. When I was home I could spend hours with Jano sewing like crazy, taking the odd break when my Brother reminded me to.
Now I'm leaving the house and getting hardly any sewing done. I sew when I get back in, but it's not the same, I liked the fact it was so engrossing and seeing how many things I could get done. I really want to sew now, but the motivation of time isn't there. When I get in I'm usually quite tired....or really hungry!

I made more progress on the Hoop wall hanging today however

I've added another row of rainbow stitches halfway round in smaller sections. You cant not love that Perle cotton! I might put in another row of stitches in the top curve of the 'C' to make it stand out a bit better. Then it will be done and I can make the pincushion. The needle book still needs the pages sewn in not sure how I'll do that yet, but it'll be done soon.

I also came up with a plan for when my placement finishes of how to organise my sewing time better so I can get more things made up for my future Etsy shop.

-Quilts one finished a month- I'm not huge on making them and I think this will be manageable for me
-Mini quilts 18" or 16"- 2 per month. A better size and I can still get some good patterns in even with the size being smaller
-Spend at least 1 or 2 days per month making up binding- Using my solid colours in a scrappy style.
-Make at least four pillow/cushion covers per week.
-4 zippy/snap pouches per week- Either small or large
-Use the weekend to cut fabrics/wadding/etc for projects being made that week

When I think of more things to add I'll put them on the list. This is just a start to know what kind of things I want to be selling in my shop and will give me better direction to keep my time occupied.

A funny thing to end my evening. I heard the TV up still really loud and suspected Father had fallen asleep watching it. So I went down to investigate. Sure enough he was out like a light. I had to shake him a few times to wake him up and question why the TV was up so loud. So what does he reach for first.....his phone! After venturing back upstairs I heard the volume go down and him getting up from the sofa to go to bed! This was just after 11 he usually comes up the stairs around 9-10. Crazy old man!

Until then...

Siya'll tomorrow =D

P.S Tomorrow is the Older Giants Birthday! He turns 24! Funny how the years fly!