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Friday, 20 July 2012

How I love EPP

I'm sure Jano must hate me...or wonder why he has been made redundant to a bent needle and yards of thread. Mind you it has been totally worth it. All the EPP has been helping to restore my mojo, which I lost last month and since then haven't even touched Jano. I'll need him for the next part of my swap items though!

The embroidered hoop is almost finished. Here's a pic of the front.

I love rainbow themes! I've since glued some linen to the back with a hand written message for my partner., That's drying so I'll show it to you once she gets it. Just got to make the smaller item...which will require Jano's help- I can feel his excitement.

Then I got on with more basting of my diamond and hexies

Its such fun to press them flat. I chain baste them all first then cut and press. I more or less get 4 or 5 hexies on each length of thread I cut. The diamonds I could get about 6 or 7.

Then I opened my parcel from yesterday?....

Now to find some fun embroidery patterns or maybe I'll use some fabric with an iconic print to embroider...some Summersville perhaps....

Ah the possibilities

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Siya'll tomorrow =D