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Saturday, 21 July 2012

I be's Cheraldine-Return of the JANO.....

Sorry to get all Star Wars there but it was necessary. I gave Jano a good dusting off, cleaned out the bobbin area (remind me I need to get a bulb...) plugged in the plug and flipped the switch. He sewed like a beaut!

So here is what I made.
Item 1 is the 2nd item for the Modernista Swap a scrappy paper pieced pincushion. I'll take a pic of the back before I send it.

Then Jano sewed in the pages for the RATZ Swap needle book. I added in a few pins from my collection for my partner.

Then Jano was put back to sleep as I pulled out the needle and thread to continue with some basting on those hexies. I just have the large ones to baste now!
The needle was straight....then after time it got a curve to it....

I'm loving these. The colours are so fun to work with! I have my eye on the Quilt dad bundle over at Pink Castle Fabrics I love the prints and they are just the colours I need!

Well I have one lot of basting to do then piecing here I come!

Siya'll tomorrow =D