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Sunday, 22 July 2012

That really lazy day.....

It's Sunday so we wake up late, eat brunch then chill out for the rest of the day.

Father got me another load of fabrics. Which I'll take pictures of. Just a not to say it's Christmas for anyone out there making Christmas items I'll have fabric to swap....there are meters/yards of it!! (not all the same print. Though there are yards of green/red fabric!!)

So on my lazy day. I watched the TV!! Threw some clothes into the scary washing machine. Honestly if you weren't used to it you'd think it was breaking down or about to explode! Plus I'm pretty sure its pushed itself even further back into the space it sits in.

I watched a movie that was on TV Disney Channels, 'Let It Shine'  definitely worth the watch if you're into musicals..mind you most of you in in America so it's probably and old movie by now!

Then I got my hexies from yesterday all cut and ironed

yes this picture is recycled i forgot to take a pic after ironing...being lazy remember...
Then I made a slow start on the larger ones

I've done more than just those 2 like 3 of these fit on the thread I cut...I must say larger hexies are trickier to baste!

I even chilled out after dinner watching TV with Mother and the Older Giant....I had to go investigate what happened to the Younger Giant....he was napping....or was until I suggested I'd tickle him. Crazy boy! Father is down/up in London.
So a nice quiet day. On a plus note I found some Echo Fabrics on Etsy at RockPaperScissorsNJ Happy dance! You wouldn't believe the amount of shops I looked through to find them! I still need to acquire the rest....

Well I'm back to 'work' tomorrow

Siya'll then =D