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Monday, 23 July 2012

Christmas Fabric Anyone?

No really I have yards to spare! I'm not even kidding. Father really hit the jackpot when he picked up the bag at the market
Here are a few pics the rest can be found here if you're interested in any prints please Flickr mail me.

Then I got an unexpected parcel this morning. Which turned out to be from Amy courtesy of the Modernista Swap. I love it! When I start using Jano again this will really come in handy..Just got to decide what to use the bag for...

At the placement I was working on designing up some timetables and some forms. I'm hoping they might let me go back a few days a week when I'm done to design posters and such for them.

When I got back home...well I was taking pictures of all that fabric...then I continued basting my hexies

I still have a few more colours to go, then I'll be done and I can work out some ideas on what to actually use them for.....The Jano and I shall be reunited!!

Well I think I'll be off to order some of that gorgeous Madrona Road Fabric as well as the bundle I've had my eye one too, It has just the colours I need....

Siya'll tomorrow. =D