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Tuesday, 24 July 2012


For best part of the day my nose has been like this

It has been getting on my nerves! Hay fever is really a pain in the nose! 

So at 'work' I was making up some spreadsheets which although isn't actually all that hard, once you click a few of the helpful buttons to find out what they do. 
The hardest part was going through all the folders to actually find the one I was looking for! I had to click at least 5 different folders sometimes more just to find the one that had the document I needed to use! Talk about your labyrinth.

Back home it was baking!!! Downstairs was cool, upstairs was much like a sauna! I feebly managed to finish off the rest of my hexies, but couldn't bring myself to cut or iron them. 

Oh and in the mail this morning I got some fabric sent to me thanks to my Swaps on Flickr. Some charms and a F8 of an echo print I'm collecting!!!!! Happy Dance. I also ordered some more from TheTinThimble

It was too hot to do more sewing so I read a few more chapters of my book. Everyone else in the house seemed to be sleeping....

Siya'll tomorrow =D

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  1. I'm so sorry you have allergies! I'm completely sympathetic as I have them, too, but it's been raining a lot and keeping the air clear. Of course, that means it's humid in the extreme, so it's a toss up whether the rain is a good thing!


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