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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

I'm too tired......ask me later.......

OK so now is slightly mere minutes lol! I say this a lot when the Giants ask me something it's always so funny....They wait seconds then ask me again, those crazy boys....(though due to their ages they can be classed as men) The younger giant will be 18 this year!! He's growing up so fast...Literally! Poor boy can barely fit through doorways (he is 6ft something possibly 7 or 8). Father suggests we put him outside. I suggested we get him a tent at least!

My morning at 'work' was rather busy! YAY! I had to write up some letters and email them. Then print some off to post for the people on the list that did not provide email addresses. Then I had to call another set of people to remind them of a catch-up session for this Friday...that was funny one guy kept me on the phone for a good few minutes not grasping what I was trying to tell him! I had a trip to the post office. Outside was sooo hot. Luckily I bought a bottle of ice water with me, and some snacks. (dried fruit)

Back home I took some pictures of the fabric that came in the post this morning courtesy of Flickr and some quick snaps of my hexies after they were ironed..yes ironed it had to be done! As well as the smaller hexies and my diamonds.... Then my camera battery died...

 My hexie sizes are 2" and 1 3/4" The diamonds are 2". All cut from my own paper, that was fun..I'll have to search out my tutorial and add it to the page.

Then inbetween book reading I continued on with the long overdue quilting on the last charm quilt!
I have the rest of the row to complete...then I can bind it and the quilt will finally be finished and can join it's friends.

I'm really hoping tomorrow cools down! This heat is killing me. At least me nose was better behaved today.

Siya'll tomorrow =D