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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Now you can all "Say Cheeeeeeeeeeeeese!!"

I took a day off from sewing and posting yesterday as work was soo crazy!! Over 300 labels to type up. print off and note down. I did get some help, but it was still a crazy amount! Luckily I got a break from answering the phone as that would have way eaten into the deadline time!

Today was a much better day labels wise only 100 or so to do. Customers were coming in for collections and repairs...luckily I didn't have to deal with them all *sly laugh* The phone complaints weren't too extreme. Though one guy was talking for England I think I tried to say bye to him at least 6 times!!
Getting home I needed a nap as I had a really bad headache so one hour later I got up and pulled out the Polaroid blocks I'd started with a mission to get them all finished! Of course there were some minor interruptions and I asked Mother to print a few recipes off for me....(well I asked for 1 she bought in 3...)

Whilst I was at the iron I got my Christmas fabrics all nicely pressed all ready to be cut....then I need to find that template....

Then I finished of my latest fairy. Now to sketch another custom one this time....

Siya'll tomorrow =D


  1. Polaroid blocks are looking good!

    Hope you find your template for your Christmas fabrics!

  2. Your blocks are so beautiful with all the prints and colors and I love the fairy.

  3. Love the I=spy blocks........what will you do with them? Glad you got through your day at work without pulling out too much hair!

  4. You didn't chain/strip piece them?! Oy that's a lotta work!!

  5. Love your fairy art. glad the job is still going well, even if it is really hectic!


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