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Friday, 21 September 2012

Options.....Options and more Options!!

Work was Urghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. The colleague I liaise with was off so I had to fill in part of her work and keep going back and forth (not that I don't do that anyways) to print up the sheets to make the labels, then actually make the labels, deal with phone calls and then the dispatches! Then towards the end of the day there was a really rude woman on the phone who wanted to blame us for her parcel not being delivered as she wasn't in to collect it. Once it leaves our warehouse we have no control over it! We tried to help her, but she wasn't having any of it!!!
The biscuits went down well and my Bestie is taking them for her coffee morning tomorrow which Mother and I will be going to after shopping..

Back home was cutting fabric and auditioning ideas...that's where you guys come in. I'm going to be making some table runner/toppers but not to sure what style to go with.

There is option 1. I cut the 9 patch in half and flipped it to put two ends together. The sashing in the picture is not the sashing that will be on it, it's just for show..

Option 2 is the Disappearing 9 patch blocks end to end.

Option 3 is 2 D9 blocks at each end with a halved D9 patch in the centre.

Then just for fun I made a layout for a mini quilt using both sets of blocks....

With the four patch blocks I plan to make some hot pads. I just need to get some insulated batting. Shops with decent prices would be a great help if you know of any.

I could in theory go with all 3 designs just not too sure yet. Then I'll have to wait for the batting....once I order some that is.....

Also when I got in I noticed a parcel for me, not in it's usual place of the Ironing board!!
A cute name tag and some awesome fridge magnets courtesy of Leanne thanks to the RATZ Swap

Well I'm off to catch up on a few shows and possibly watch the film The Older Giant has been raving about all week!

Siya'll tomorrow =D


  1. Sorry you had a bad day at work, hopefully Monday will be better! Those fabrics are very Christmassy, I love them. If it was me, I'd go for Option 1, maybe with some cream sashing to show off the fabrics. Can't remember where I got my insulated wadding from I'm afraid, but I have loooooaaads left if you want some?

  2. I'm liking option 2 best but all are nice. The little mini looks great! Nice packet you got from your swap partner. The hot pads will be nice once you get the batting you want.


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