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Thursday, 23 April 2015

I've had a SpringFling!

I feel like I haven't posted in forever!!! -Which is actually so true- I must make a vow to make more of an effort to post.

So on Instagram the greatest app since sliced bread- not that sliced bread is an app...but it could be- I joined the springfling mini swap. Some of you may have seen it, heard about it or even joined it yourself. 

My partner was @jewelsap and my colour inspiration from her was that she liked teal, purple, aqua, burgundy, red and beige. I had to raid my stash to find the right colours and some fun prints. I made her a fun mini using the octagon shapes I'd been creating a while back...

I don't usually bind anything.... But I figured as it was a small quilt I'd make the extra effort to do so.

In return I received an awesome mini quilt from the amazing Donna Fletcher

How cool is that mini! Not even square but a Triangle. I love triangles! I have to decide which part of my wall to put it up on - along with the others....- but it will so be up there!!!! 

There is still another swap the #UKMiniswap which I have shipped away..... So I will show that once my partner receives it....

Watch this space.

IBeCheraldine =]

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