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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Anyone Want to Swap???

So I've been making Granny Square blocks and have a lot of squares left over . What I'd like to do is swap the squares I currently have for some new give someone or a few people a chance to use these fabrics, but in the same colour groups. All squares are 2.5". To make it easier for you to cut for the swap, you can divide the number by 4 as that's how many it is to make a charm square, so less cutting for you.

Here are the colours I have and the fabrics to show you exactly what you'll be getting.

There are 46 squares in Red/Orange/Yellow Gone
 There are 80 squares in Pink/Purple/White other Gone
 There are 14 squares in Black Gone
 There are 32 squares in Green/BlueGone
I'm keeping them in their groups as there are different amounts of each individual square in a pattern. So If you're interested either email me with a group or groups you'd like or leave me a comment here.

I also have two books available to swap. Both are in new condition and the Patch Book still has the free gift included in the book. They weren't the style of book I was expecting, so one of you may appreciate the patterns more

Snuggle Up-8 Lap quilts to warm your home

Patch-Cath Kidston

This will work on a first comment/email basis so you'll have to be quick if you want them =D