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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Sewing from the Sick Chair

As I wasn't technically in bed, but in a chair beside my my sewing room is currently my bedroom. Sadly there is no other room in the house for me to take one side of my room is my sewing area, which needs to be re-organised...if the computer tower (which isn't even mine or in use!!)  wasn't in the way there would be much more space there and I could use my storage tower to store my projects in.
I still have no idea why it lives in my room, I came home one day and there it's too big to fit anywhere else without being hit into or someone falling onto it......though that would be one way to get rid of it!
Do you dare to read on.....

So from the sick chair I finished off my second pillow case/ cushion cover

I also got mother's presents wrapped, without her seeing or even knowing about them. The large item is the 1st pillow =D

I was more surprised I had a bag large enough to fit the pillow into!

Then I joined the rest of my fellow quilting world..hopped onto the Granny Square bus and made 5 of my own!! These are the purple/pink/white..other set

Still left are the black/brown set.....the greens/blues and the oranges/yellows/reds......Nicky if you're reading this yes I said red! They are 2.5" squares so just about bearable...and mixed with two other various shades!

So that's what I got up to today! Being sick never stops me from doing the things I love!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend =D