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Monday, 19 March 2012

Pink Castle Bundle Contest

I'm linking up with Monkey Do for the Pink Castle  Bundle contest! It took me a while to figure things out whilst making the mosaic..very slow this evening. I eventually got the hang of it and will be using Big Huge Labs again in the future! Here are my fabric choices =D

I think I'll call it Summer Fall! The colours remind me of Summer, but have an Autumnal edge to them! Good, bad, other??
1.Kona in Nightfall
2.Mono Pez in blue
3.Mono Pez in orange
4.Summer totem in grapefruit
5.Dotty mushroom in brown
6.Ornate floral in amethyst
7.Pearl bracelet in soft lavender
8.Pearl bracelet in yellow
9.Dot stripe in blue
10.Dot stripe in purple
11. Lock and key in coral
12. Kona in berry