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Saturday, 31 March 2012

My Sewing Mission

So you know my sewing mission page up there in the bar...
My goals for the year....which maybe should have been  just for the month....I'll be adding more soon, but here's how they are going as this month is almost up

My goals

  • Make all cushion covers this month-February- I actually didn't get this one done...I made two mock ones and that's about it 
  • Learn how to properly use my sewing machine, sewing in straight lines-This one I achieved! Who knew reading the book would actually be useful!!
  • Stop breaking my machine needles, or at least buy more in reserve- Once learning how to use the machine I actually achieved this! I have bought some more needles just encase, but haven't used any of them yet!
  • Use the fabrics I have bought to make some unique pieces-I've somewhat done this to an extent as I have been making some things I didn't think I could manage. Thus surprising myself and my family!
  • Decide which ones I'm going to use first-I cut into the fabrics I got in bundles first! It was a tough choice, but I had to start somewhere
  • Invest in some interfacing and wadding for future projects.- I did get some interfacing and I have used it for one project so far....the zippered pouch HA! The wadding I got 4 packs of and 2 still remain untouched for now! 
  • Hopefully use these ideas to help with my future business plans.-This one was a big decision. The idea to open my own business has been with me for was just deciding what kind of business I want to open. I love baking and making cakes/ know all the sweet things =D. Then I thought wait a second I love making things too..sewing was a natural turning point as I loved sewing, I just needed to get better. I Thought why go it alone when a friend can help! So This years is making a heck of a load of things! Next year will hopefully see the start of a brand new online business =D 
  • Learn how to correctly use scissors...seriously not kidding there..-Still haven't accomplished this...No joke either...somehow I manage to hold them the wrong way and it all goes pear shaped from there....I can rip paper straighter than I can cut it!
  • Less sleeping more crafting ! Ooops I mean an even amount of sleeping and crafting!-Yes about this one I have been keeping evenish. The blog reading is what keeps me up..I do try to get some read during the day...however by the time I get back there are a load more to read
So that's the progress report....I just need to think up some for April.....