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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Yesterday and today

I'm sure you're wondering "Hey what happened to Cherie...that strange girl who comments on nearly all my blog posts"...well something along those lines....

Well I've not left for a vacation! I wish! Instead I have been sitting at my cutting table...cutting squares and squares of fabric!

I also got some packages in the post!!

Swap fabrics from 1st from Lori  at Adventures in Fabric and the 2nd from Danny  at Mommy For Reals

I have cut into both already to help with some of my upcoming projects for next month...they are lurking in those piles on my cutting board along with some of my newly brought fabrics!

I have also been sewing up rows for my MAM Hexie project and laid out a new design...looking at the previous the flowers were too close together

I'm really loving hexies! I think I'll add to this and make it larger....All in good time my friends all in good time!
Looks like this is my last post for the month!
Thank you all for following along! Next month will be just as crazy =D