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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Revamping an old box

I needed somewhere to store all my little scraps of fabric. So I used a cookie box. It began to fall apart so I grabbed some cardboard and scraps of fabric and made it as good as new. I also used some double sided tape, that's the yellow stuff!

The cookie box

The inside of the box. 

Adding fabric strips to the cardboard, cut just smaller than the base

The front of the board complete

The back...shhhhhh...

The panels for the sides and the back complete with double sided tape 

Peeling off the tape backs

Peeling the tape from the bottom panel. 

Inside the box...I maybe should have painted it first hmmmmm.......I'll get round to that, of course with some careful painting as not to ruin the fabric. Saying that with the scraps inside who'll know...

Full of scraps!!!
I just couldn't bring myself to throw away these pieces. Some are 1/2" pieces, a few 1" others 2". I just love scraps. I'll use them for a project I'm working on. If you have scraps this small, keep them!!!!...If you don't plan on using them you know where I am  =D