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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

So Today.....

Today was a great day! In the post I got more of my swap fabrics and my Eternal Maker order, all sale fabrics! 14 FQ's and a bundle! I got a lot of sewing done, went to and Easter fair-which was not as I thought it would be. Luckily I saved myself some money- and then got even more sewing done! To finish up 3 quilt tops and a zippered pouch! I'm surprised myself at how much I got completed. One quilt top was completely from scratch. Oh and I got my block done for the BOM over at Quilt Story. I know it's late in the month, but it's still March so it's done. I'll get Aprils done sooner =D
I apologise in advance for all the pictures. I wasn't feeling the mosaic this evening.

Parcels!!! 2 from the Stale Stash Swap that Lucy hosted and the grey one from The Eternal maker

This one is from Jess over at The Elven Garden

 These are from Alyce at Blossom Heart

My order from Eternal Maker. These were all in the sale I'll eventually put them up on my Bought fabrics page! I got 2 FQ's of each for the price of one! =D The bundle is Backyard Baby!!!
  My FQ box

 My other FQ box with the double fabrics

These are the fabrics for my BOM...this month was 9 patch. As I'm into the disappearing look right now, I went with that =D


My first try at a zippered pouch! I used one of my Scrappy charm squares and a few other scraps I had lying about to make this. The Zip edges came away a little, but I managed to sew that up. My father tried to steal it...then claimed it was toooo messy for anyone to want to buy it.
The front!

The can see where it wasn't sewn close enough to the zip....

The inside!

My New quilt top. Charm quilt featuring some HST's. I saw this handy tip on making them faster over at the Stitchery Dickory Dock Blog. They end up 3" in size. The design just came to me as I hadn't properly done HST's yet.

The top is done and ready to be quilted etc etc you know the score. Its a 23 1/2" square

Plus my Granny Square quilts properly sashed as I forgot to do the sides and bottoms yesterday. So I have 3 quilt tops so far. Will be making another one or possibly 2 tomorrow!
Still no progress on the Hexie project 2....maybe when I wake up I'll throw together a design......