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Friday, 16 March 2012

Still Sick!

It's weird for me having a cold for so long! Usually I'm lucky and have them for a day! I always use my herbal remedies and the cold goes away.
This time round herbal remedies have done nothing!!! Flu medicine has helped slightly...still sneezing up a storm however!
To top it all off I also have a really bad toothache! Curse wisdom teeth....if there is a saying that wisdom is painful then I'd really like to read it!
I blame the people at work! I don't think a single day has gone by where I haven't heard sneezing, coughing or the sound of someone blowing their nose!!

The relatives popped in for a visit today..My Aunt and 2 of my Uncles. I showed them some of the items I had made. They were in shock and awe =D My Aunt also said she would look of for some fabrics down in Brixton-London UK, for me =D

I managed to get started on hand sewing the pleats for my second Pleated Boxes still have time to join in the fun =D