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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

A bit of sewing...a little cutting.....throw in some ironing

and Voila some still yet to be finished projects!  Warning the following post contains a lot of pictures!

So this morning I woke up and tacked 10 more MAM hexies!

My Brother dropped this parcel on me its from Jennifer over at Finding my way in Texas from a swap we did a week or so ago
 Inside were these fabrics!
 and these
 and these

These are my charm quilts now with added backing! No it's not all sewn together and finished...I just wanted to get the backing out of the way so I could quilt them

With the evening winding down I decided to finish off the rest of the MAM hexies and get them ironed, here you can check out our awesome ironing board cover!

I even started sewing together the rows for my first MAM hexie project...there are 2 at the bottom to be connected..the picture is deceiving!
I'll be getting my hair done tomorrow so depending what time I get back there may or may not be some more sewing =D

I also whilst blog reading found this cool swap! link here