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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

A bundle of joy!

So today I didn't get any sewing done! Yes your eyes do not deceive you. None, Zilch, Zip! Why? I hear you asking well

  • I got distracted this morning by what arrived in the post
  • I was further distracted watching the end of a movie my Brothers were watching....IP Man the very first one...The Legend is I have to watch the beginning!
  • I made lunch whilst doing the dishes...sounds strange but it works 
  • During said time a movie I've seen before came on the TV and I just had to watch it...Avalon High!
  • Then after all that I had to take out all the plaits in my hair....this took me till dinner time...started at 4ish finished around half 7ish....
So sadly no sewing, tomorrow I'll get some done! Have ordered some buttons to go on those snap the rest for some other projects, that have yet to be made....Plus I just  LOVE BUTTONS yes, yes I do! 

So onto this mornings post. I entered a giveaway on the Kate Spain blog and WON a charm pack from her new collection JOY plus a mini 2.5" square bundle of Central park fabrics! As well as a handwritten note =D