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Monday, 9 April 2012

Don't you snap at me!

Today we found out our partners for the
My partner is -Insert name here- She would like a sewing machine cover.....I have never made one of these before..So need to search the net for a tutorial....or maybe you have one you could send me =D

I also managed to sew up my 6 Snap pouches...all that needs to be done is the decoration...which reminded me I need more buttons! Buying single buttons is fairly expensive after a while, so I need to get some packs of buttons in various colours....

I also made this pincushion a while last month...I just never got round to posting it. It's not got perfectly matching seams or points, but it does it's job and I love it

I need to get some more flat head pins! To the online shops...*Exit stage right* =D