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Sunday, 8 April 2012

Driving in 2nd gear!

My 3rd driving lesson....So my gear changing has gotten better, but steering control is way out!! Roundabouts? Don't even mention them to me!! The person who invented them should be kicked in the pants! So many lines on the roads and various different meanings! I need to get my study on for my theory test....all in good time of course!..

The garish red computer tower is now out of my room!!!! Brother and I carted it down to the conservatory, where it is out of the way-well mine at least! I've now cleared out the tower of draws and put my new fabrics into will be posted tomorrow of my new improved sewing space!

The WIP pile is still the WIP pile no more progress on anything! I placed an order to day with Pink Castle Fabrics on very own custom order YAY! You'll just have to wait and see what I ordered I tired to go for a range of colours, which my stash needs..and one must always order a mystery bundle of FQ's.

Whilst clearing out the tower I found even more buttons! Woo buttons. I love them!
I really need to go designer fabric shopping....not online, but to some actual shops! Markets are great for certain fabrics, but when you want designer the market just doesn't cut it!

I managed to get 14 more hexies could have been more, but I decided to recycle the strings from the last project so individual tacking takes a while!