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Thursday, 12 April 2012

It's Carnival time!!

OK maybe not quite yet..It's actually not until July....Mother came into my room and told me about it. She said I should make some things and sell them at a stall with Father dearest...He'll be making some cakes and such for his side of our potential stall
We just have to find out all the much the stall costs, dates etc, but hey it's not a bad idea.
Just thinking what will I make.....Any idea's ladies and quilts are for the future business....though I could make some alternate ones.... I'd mainly be making a few things to see what sells the best. Idea's for prices. Help and suggestions would be fantastic! I'm over in the UK just to let you know....

So this morning I set out early to go to the Hairdressers.....8.30am early....I got there just after 9...another girl turned up there too-My hairdresser styles from her house- she went before me as she was supposed to be there at 8!! So I waited patiently for 2 hours! During that time another lady showed up. Luckily she wasn't getting anything fancy done so our hair could be alternated, washing, conditioning....she left and I was still there...I was there until just after 4!!! Yes you are reading correctly!
All I can say is Cane/corn rows hurt!!!!
The top

Right side..the clip is loose to ease the pain!

The left side

From the front...yes that's me!

When I got home there was a parcel waiting for me!! It was full, well not full... in fact the envelope was rather big compared to what was in it....however it will come in handy real soon! Back to the contents....these pictures will show you better =D BUTTONS!!!!

I know all you button lovers out there may be sitting with your jaws dropped right now! I got these from craft superstore..some may be sold out sorry ladies! =D

I also got this ribbon from the site too £1.00 for a 3m roll

These were the more quirky buttons in each bag Mother even came to have a nose...was fun picking them out

 My button box got a little full....

But my younger giant brought me a new container.

I finished the 2nd row and started on the 3rd..had I not have been called for dinner I would have finished that off! sewing after dinner..just blogging and reading

Well ladies and gents that was my day..=D