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Friday, 13 April 2012

It's Friday some sewing done on Friday

I'm looking forward to the weekend, weekend. It's Friday Friday got some sewing done on Friday..I'll share it here with you now!

Yeah so that tune popped into my head. Rebecca Black's Friday song!For those that haven't seen it....

Anyhoo swiftly moving on. I managed to actually use Jano today!
I was all set to quilt my charm quilts, Jano however was not for this idea what so ever! So I'll have to bind them and hand quilt them next week!  Do you quilt then back or do them all together?

My Father shocked me today he said "You''ll need to start buying a lot more fabric if you're going to be making all those things, as well as making bed sized quilts. It may seem excessive, but you'll need as much as possible!" I said nothing...too stunned for words!
Where once he was highly sceptical of my sewing, now he is fully on board. Going as far as saying he'll look out for things when he goes to boot fairs and we can go to the markets and such and see what they have there!
Have a few ideas of things to make for the Carnival, glad its in July so I have a few months to make a load of things. If you have some tutorials handy that would be great!

So onto what else I did. I bought a new bulb yesterday for Jano and so I have light now!

I laid out fabrics for 6 disappearing 16 blocks, I plan to mix these with the other ones and make 2 separate quilts

I made up 2 Dresden plates..well the outsides anyways. These are trials for my partner in the Modern She Made swap.

Plus some quilting done...single layer for the item one of the plates will go on, I think this is the largest item I've quilted.....
 A close up....the blue wasn't supposed to come through, but I like the effect

And that Ladies and Gents is what I did today. Ciao for now =D