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Friday, 27 April 2012

Feeling a Little Froggy....

Today I was all set to get on with finishing the hand quilting on charm quilt 2. I got up earlier than usual and everything to have more time...only things didn't go to plan!
Father kept nagging me he was going out and I'd be at home all by myself...So I continued on with my morning routine, he still kept going on. After I was done and ready to jump into quilting he asked me if I wanted to go with him and to get ready. I had to write up some envelopes to post, but he waited and then we went to the post office first. So ladies who swapped with me your fabric is on it's way.

So we drove for quite some time down some long winding country lanes and through the rain that seemed to be on off at various parts of the motorway...Strange. We arrived at the Hemel Hempstead market...only to His surprise the market wasn't there!! We walked round the shopping center instead seeing nothing of interest then made our way back to the car.
I had spotted a shop on the drive there, but thought nothing of it at the start, then Father saw it too and suggested we go over and have a look.
He parked up the car on a side road and saw you couldn't actually park there whilst I went inside....WOW was my first thought as I walked deeper into the shop....the outside is very deceptive!
The shop is called NeedleCraft, you can't order online so anyone living in that area can pop in and have a look.
As you go in there's knitting accessories, wool and card making things...I thought that's all there was until I walked in a little more and saw fabric!! Lots of lovely designer fabric! Some I'd seen online and stopped myself from buying...some I'd seen in blogs, but the designers were unknown. Most are Makower UK fabrics. So first I grabbed a few prints here and there, then Father scared me as I didn't know he had come into the shop, as its split into sections....He spotted some prints after I had paid and we were on our way naturally I got pulled back in and brought another lot of fabric! Some panel strips and some FQ's of must have fabric..Here it all is....I spent £69 in total.
We then drove (down those long country lanes and through the rain) back to our local square to get some food and saw The Older Giant in the shop, which was rather funny as he was talking to the owner about my Father! (I must mention they do the best chicken and chips I've had in quite some time!)
I really didn't intend on adding more fabrics to my stash, but hey it's not everyday you stumble upon a quilt shop in this area!

A lot of pictures to follow
2 Bundles of 5 prints and 7FQs-A bicycle print, 2 music prints, 2 owl prints and 2 sewing themed prints 

The two bundles....the girly one I was about to order online and the froggy one I've been looking for, for a while now!

A random assortment of scraps, some picked by Father
 These are the panel strips I got 6 different sets there are 11 squares to each strip.
A sewing themed panel strip

The rest of the pattern

A boutique style panel strip

The other half

A baby boy panel strip

The other half

This one is a birthday/celebration theme

Other half

A baby girl theme

The other half

The froggy theme

The other half
I showed the froggy themed print to The Younger Giant....he didn't like it! I really thought he would...I think they look really cool! Maybe it's just me!
I folded the fabrics so store then went to make dinner. Pizza from scratch! I was a little afraid the dough wouldn't rise as one of the packets of yeast I used was open, so I put the closed one in too, but it came out perfect!
Tomorrow food shopping and a driving lesson! I might also get to finish the quilting, we'll see how it goes =D

Oh and soon there will be another
Charm About You