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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Just Chilling out...

Instead of my normal get up and was more get up and go..(out that is) I haven't seen my best friend Fiona in quite some time now, since she started her new job. Today she had a day off so we hung out and caught up on all the time we'd missed out.
Her unofficial Aunt's...daughters son is turning one soon and she asked me to make a cake for him! I'm no real expert in cake designing, though I did take a course, but it's great to have practice. I've made cakes with Father (with me doing all the cutting, rolling and colouring...of the fondant that is,) here are a few of them (there are more, but hey can't show them all )

Well this one was for a junior competition when I was at college. I got a merit for it. BTW it's not real cake under there, polystyrene dummies..and I still have it up in the loft/attic (protected in a black bag of course). The colours remind me of fabric!

We bought the flowers for this one at the time I hadn't learnt to make them 

I had to cut out all those little daises to go around the edge

My Father did the work on this cake...I mixed the colours... and the above mentioned..again the flowers were bought

This cake was for my Aunt she didn't even know we were making it. I made those roses, Father did the other side cherry blossom design as some of the fondant had cracked and that was to cover it up..Shhhhh

I made the little girl sitting on top of the cake...Father got hand cramp piping the grass..poor man!

his cake guess who had to cut all those decorations? And can you guess the theme?

The one I'm making soon will be a Mickey's Clubhouse theme....We've sketched out ideas and jotted things down...I should have taken some pictures of the sketches....oh dear.

No sewing today....Those poor quilts! Well that's all from you can all be thinking of cake.....=D