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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

More Hand Sewing

I was going to start as soon as I'd finished up my morning routine...but then a book caught my eye from my pile and well I just had to read it!
Teen Idol-Meg Cabot, It's been on the pile for almost 2 months now! Mother read it before me! I finished the book and even did some hand quilting after =D

Using red Perle cotton this time round. I did slightly bigger stitches..or at least that was the's hard to tell, I did them from the outside going in..Still have to finish the row I started and then quilt the other HST row too. Then it will be 2 quilts quilted and 2 to go.

Oh I almost forgot...this came in the post this morning from Al-{sew}Allergorical

Love that fabric!!
Well that's all from me today...going to see a good friend of mine tomorrow =D