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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Hand quilting in progress!

Before that..this morning the doorbell rang....Father got up to answer it.....instead of bringing me my mail he left it on the ironing board...How nice of him not to 'wake' me!

I placed an order not too long ago on Etsy from Surly Sheep They specialise in fat 8ths...I needed more variety in colour for my stash so I got the 36 colour wheel bundle and a 5 Fat 8th bundle of neutral browns to go with it....Here are the fabrics 

I actually love them all! Which is shocking as usually with these there are always some I don't like. The reds aren't too red which is perfect. There were some small selvedge pieces on them which I noticed....some designers were Michael Miller, Riley Blake, Alexander Henry, Amy Butler, Art Gallery, Studio E, Robert Kaufman and a few others.
Some are even premium cotton, which feels slightly thicker than normal cotton, somewhat close to home dec weight. 

I haven't got a project in mind for them yet...I'm looking for some quilt patterns so any suggestions would be most welcome.

Now onto the hand quilting. I was a little nervous, as I've never hand quilted before and thought I'd be there forever!...I actually wasn't and managed to get one quilt done today. I used a deep purple Perle cotton..which looks black in the picture!

I'm not sure whether or not to quilt the white centre squares in each row or to leave them...I only have red or brown Perle cotton at the moment, which I'll be using on the other quilts....need to find a yellow or gold one for the last quilt. Then they all need to be bound...maybe next week.....
I need to work on my hand stitching, but It did get straighter as I went along. I think I'll try long stitches for the next quilt.

My stash is ever growing and I still have a 32 FQ order to be delivered as well as a 6 yard scrap bag (and just about the space to store them when they arrive).....Crazy? Me? Of course not....
Oh and the fabrics I swapped out from my stash....yeah...I might have to get some more boxes.....=D

P.S I've updated my Swap Shop so head on over, these fabrics could be joining your stash 

Bye for now =D