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Monday, 23 April 2012

HEY! Now cut that out!

You've guessed it. I've spent the day..well most of my table cutting away with the help of the Father. I think he just wants to steal my rotary cutter...he's been rushing in when I've been using it to 'help'.
I've cut triangles as I was inspired by this tutorial. So have cut like crazy. I'm going with polka dots and solids
All nice and neatly piled..I used all the fabrics I got at the weekend, cutting a 5" strip from each...there were a lot of strips!

Then I moved on to cutting all the other strips from new FQ' the ones I didn't like which will be swapped soon this space! Into charms and 3" or 2" strips ....oh and the odd 4"/4.5" square too

pile of fabrics 

The Mug Rug I made for Irene arrived today so I can now show you what it looked like. Make note this is the first mug rug I've ever made. Will make more in the future. She liked batiks and these were the only ones in my stash..I'm not a fan.

The front..a lovely wonky log cabin

The back..received in a scrap swap, actually like this fabric the flowers are so cute!

The cutting fabric took up most of my no actual sewing done. Just random quilt planning and tutorial jotting down.

A reminder for any of you that love to knit or know someone who does. See This Post for more information. I've checked in the post office and due to shipping can only post them within the UK as its significantly cheaper!

Today I'm linking up with Little Quilt Monday