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Saturday, 28 April 2012

When is a scrap not a scrap?

Answer..When you order them from Fabric Shoppe.
I was expecting some small scraps, you know those odd pieces you end up with from various projects right?
WRONG because instead I got these

I received 28 different fabrics ranging between 5-17" in length and 21-44" in width...most of them were 44"! Prints from designers and collections such as: Alphabet soup-My minds eye.....Hoo's in the Forest-Doohikey Designs.....Ann Kelle...Robert Kaufman.....Riley Blake...Just wing it-Momo.....Indian summer-Zoe Pearn.....Colourful Christmas....Screen print.
When I first opened the pack I thought they were FQs and they had gotten my order wrong! Until I unfolded some and thought WOW these are the "SCRAPS!"

There isn't one I don't like, there are some I LOVE! It has a great range of colours and prints that fit in really well with my stash. As I wasn't expecting them this size I didn't allocate space! So I had to shuffle some things around to have a spare under-bed box for all the other fabrics I have yet to come!

Still no sewing! Seriously it feels odd not sewing! We went shopping, then I came back and sorted out all those fabrics, cutting a 5" strip from each for my charm collection and then from the ones I bought yesterday.  At half 4ish was my Driving lesson! I've gotten a lot better at steering and turning corners....I need to learn to follow directions better mind you. It's great, hard work remembering everything, I know it'll be worth it in the end.

It feels like a Sunday as that's usually the day of my lessons. next Sunday will be cake making!
I hope nothing major gets in the way tomorrow I really want to finish that quilt!
Oh My Mother goes on holiday tomorrow, she's off to Tunisia for a week, with a friend of hers!
Well that's all from me today...=D