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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Is it really Sunday?

Today didn't feel like a Sunday. A lot of things were missing. The Older Giant and Father are usually out at boot fairs, one working and the other buying...can you guess which.
Mother. The Younger Giant and I usually stay home making the Sunday Brunch. Then I'll have a driving lesson, come back and do some sewing.

Today however it was raining....Mother is on Holiday and The Older Giant and Father didn't go to boot fair, nor did I have a driving lesson.
I did manage to do some sewing. Though this was in between making dinner. (Rice and peas...Chicken...Gravy...Salad) Help from the Giants.

It's still not finished! One row is done and I've started on the next..only I didn't take a picture of it O.O
The backing has shrunk slightly on this quilt, but it should be OK one the row is quilted too. I'm thinking of binding them with some silver Gingham...?
Well that's strangely all from me today...tomorrow should be more productive....I hope =D