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Friday, 6 April 2012

A fight and an almost victory!

The fight was with my sewing machine...not some epic movie battle! Jano as I now refer to him as was being a moody old thing! Here is the culprit-

 So there I was making the pouches..the quilting-quick, just a few skipped stitches I managed to sort out. It took around 10 mins or less for each.
However when it came to sewing the interior fabric on, Jano just wouldn't cooperate! The amount a skipped stitches and broken threads! I have no idea why one extra piece of material made the difference, but damn it, it did!
I had to stop and re-thread so many times it took like 30 mins for a 10min job! I was not amused! The other ones I made were a breeze, but these ones Jano did not want to know!
I did manage to get them to a point he was comfortable to sew all left to do is a little hand stitching and those dreaded snaps!
I've pinned them in place and those are the threads I used...make note quilting with them perfect....sewing interior not so perfect.....Strange times......O_o......remind me I owe you some close ups of the quilting...
On a high not and not part of the fight..I got some new MAM hexies tacked! Just 35 more to go! All but those 3 in the bottom left...I have no idea on the designers as they were fabrics I swapped for

Sadly tomorrow there will be no sewing! I'm off to London with the Mother to see my Aunt. She'll be taking us to some fabric/material wallet is going to hate me...providing I find anything I like that there may or may not be some photo's of the fabrics I buy....I should pack my camera.....