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Thursday, 5 April 2012

More items on the pile

I firstly must start with If you haven't seen this already and joined then I think its not too late. Sign ups end on the 6th

I thought it would be nice to show you the pile of WIPs I currently have!( make note some of those items are actually finished) I quickly snapped this picture (yes my bed is currently my storage space for all WIPs and finished items...good thing its a double!)

As well as some pictures to show what is actually in the prepare for a picture overload...

First off the 4 charm quilts from earlier this week and last week and the pillow top sashed...the quilts are also now sashed...just no picture. I have to find some backing fabric for each them! Any suggestions?

I also got 6 more snap pouch fabrics cut, sewn and wadded all ready for quilting and finishing off..I've even picked out the threads for quilting- tutorial found here
I used some fabrics from my stash..check the brought fabrics page for names and designers, plus some of the swap fabrics I got....Frieda Frill-Micheal Miller....Germania-Jay McCarroll-Freespirit.....Play dot-Michael Miller

Then I started up 2 more pleated boxes pillows tutorial here

I've done the strips for white squares in the same method, but figured you didn't need to see those too...

Also in that pile are the disappearing 16 patch blocks..need to sash those and throw them together  sew them neatly together. The Granny quilts are there too, some unread still to be finished MAM hexie rows, as well as the new ones.....and that's it...I think..Shhhh I'm just one girl trying to make her way into the quilting world =D