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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

2ND Day in and 5 finishes!

I'm actually really happy and relived to have these done and out of the way! What am I talking about, oh sorry thought I'd mentioned them a dozen times in previous posts. ;-)
Well those 3 charm quilts I've been hand quilting over the past week. plus two pillow covers I started and never got round to finishing until now inspired by the Craft Buds sew-along.

Prints from Aneela Hoey in the fist pillow and the Second is a random mix of prints which can be found on my Bought Fabrics page. (those are not Kona solids, but the ones bought from the market)

Each quilt is approx 25" square..I'll measure them properly when I remember....
There is one more charm quilt, but I'm still waiting for the Perle cotton to arrive....the binding is made....the backing is on....waiting is such agony! 
Now I can focus on the rest of my WIP pile....another shocker is that I attached the binding with Jano's help! The pleats on the pillows done by Jano! No protesting or anything! He's like an new machine!
I just need to find some large enough fabrics for the backs of my Granny quilts and soon to be made DP16....Not sure whether or not I want a pieced back or a whole print....we'll see...=D