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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Welcome to Summersville-Population 17!!

Oh yes that's right! I was reading and commenting through my blog list and got to Lucie's (only the designer of Summersville fabric) she said she was adding some prints to her UK Etsy store! So of course I sped over there and asked for a custom listing, for 17 of her prints!-She even wrote a note to go with them =D
As well as that arriving today I got my Embroidery thread, so now I can finish off that last charm quilt and finish/start some swap items. Plus some swap fabric from Marika. It was a great mail day

As well as cutting into all that fabric to add to my charm stash. I cut some background fabric, ready to make some giant grannies seen here on Katy's Blog. I'm out tomorrow so will be searching for some (much needed) backing fabrics!-I would use fabrics from my stash, but I'd rather have some larger fabric for backing as opposed to FQ's
Also today I got some sewing done, of the machine and hand kind 8 little scrappy pincushions 4" squares. I had the squares ready cut it was just a matter of sewing them together. (since march I've had them cut!)

I love them, so cute. The fabrics match in a strange way...well to me they do. More items for the stock pile. They are such fun to make. I'd like to make up some others so if anyone has any tutorials, I'd love to see them. Thanks in advance.
I'm also looking for some linen, so if anyone knows of any good (and reasonably priced) sites please post here. =D