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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Shopping, sewing and surprises!

We will start with the surprise....I got a package dropped on me this morning, buy The Older Giant. However I didn't open it until I got back in from shopping with Father. So more on the surprise later.

The shopping. After food shopping we took a trip to a General store selling practically everything you could think of (minus fridge or frozen stuff) at budget prices under one roof. I picked up two duvet sets that caught my eye to use as backing for my WIP quilt tops and a piece for the MSM Swap item I'm making.
The look better in real life I assure you. I've cut the fabric and pinned it to my two Granny quilt tops (no picture of the pinning but here are the tops) There is sashing around the edges, this is an old picture

We were then summoned to the garden by father to clean it up a bit. Father had cut down a load of branches, from the tress and pulled out some the weeds our job (The Giants and I) was to sweep, bin and burn the twigs etc...we all stunk of burning..took a while for the smell to ware away, but luckily it did!-I much rather prefer the planting and BBQ's held in the garden as opposed to cleaning it up!

Then I got on with sewing the item for my RATZ Swap partner. It's rather scrappy, but that's the look I was aiming for. I just hope she likes  loves it.

Now back to the surprise...I swapped some fabric with my good blogging friend Cameron waiting for it to arrive in the post and Today it arrived . She added some goodies in too, some cute note-cards and gift tags

Also in the mail but not today, I joined in with many others and got this!
 I have to apparently modify it before I can use it. Fun times!
Well that's all from me today! Tomorrow I may have more things finished....Oh more importantly my Mother gets back from holiday tomorrow!! =D