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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

At the chopping block-OK Ironing board!

Yup that's where I spent pretty much the whole day (when I wasn't eating lunch and watching TV that is)
I was ironing fabric all ready for cutting. I could have ironed it after cutting, but some pieces were very wrinkled even though I folded them nicely!
I saw these on the Stubbornly Crafty Blog and well they were too cute not to make. So I raided my stash for every child friendly print and got cutting and cutting and more cutting...oh and there is more to come later...once I've finished drawing, then cutting the eyes from the fusible web....

I stored the body and wing pieces separately in the lovely and handy box Father picked up for me at the boot fair....there were some other goodies, which I still haven't taken a picture of! I'll get round to it tomorrow.

The deeper draw is filled with the trimmings from around each body/wing part. It's a great place for me to store all the nicer scraps!

This is the second set of flat drawers.nothing is in them yet. They currently all rest somewhere by my bed...which happens to be next to my sewing space!

I wanted to get these out of the way as I figured they would take quite some time to cut. I don't quite know How many I cut exactly...I'd say more than a dozen.....Though right now I only plan to make a few (I say that, but it's easy to get carried away). I'll actually do some sewing tomorrow as I still have yet to make binding for the Granny Quilts.  Polka dots! All shall be revealed tomorrow.

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